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When is Enough Enough?

Detroit is facing bankruptcy and some politicians are using it as an excuse to attack retirees and break contracts of more than 21,000 workers including police and fire officers.

Let’s not forget the workers and retirees who have earned their pay and benefits through hard work and sacrifice.

Bridge Safety

Ironworkers General President (and proud Virginian) Walt Wise appeared on the DC Fox affiliate to discuss the current state of our infrastructure. He described in frank terms the average age of our bridges (40-70 years old), the deficiency rate of bridges (1 in 9) and what grade our nation’s infrastructure received (D).

Infrastructure investment would not only put people to work and boost our economy but also improve the safety of the roads and bridges we use every day.

Register to Vote ONLINE (!!!)

You do need an active drivers’ license or ID number. If you don’t have one, you can fill out the registration, print and mail it to the local registrar address which they’ll provide.

Education Policy Bought and Paid For by ALEC

Care about public education?
Check out this report about who’s funding the takeover of education policy.

This session, Virginia passed “reforms” based on “success” from Louisiana. Why would Virginia, a state Education Week ranks 4th in public education, look to number 14 for advice? Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

Could it be that the ALEC Education Agenda goes something like this:
Step one: Defund public education.
Step two: Funnel tax payer dollars to pay for private vouchers, virtual and charter schools.
Step three: The for-profit education industry makes money.


In the 1970s, the country of Chile went full steam ahead with education reforms based on “school choice.” It resulted in the privatization of public schools and wound up hurting the middle class and increasing the gap between rich and poor.

Video: Chile’s Market Education: How Choice and Competition Fail the Neediest