Labor 2013

There are tons of ways (and times) to volunteer with the Labor 2013 campaign.

In addition to our Saturday canvasses, each one of our offices is open from 10am – 4pm Monday through Friday with evening phone banks Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 5:30 – 8pm.

We know people have tight schedules and a variety of skills. It takes a team effort to win and we’re committed to plugging as many people into our program as we can.

Phonebanking/ Canvassing

If worksite contact is the heart of our program, door knocking and phone calls are certainly the muscle and bones. Basically the program doesn’t work very well without them.

Knocking on doors and phonebanking our members INCREASE support for our endorsed candidates by 10% to even 25%.

Please reach out to Tina at and she’ll plug you in to them in your area.

Wednesday Retiree Phone Banks

The Alliance for Retired Americans has adopted Wednesdays (10am – 2pm) to call our retired members and let them know about the election. The contact rate for retirees is fabulous during the day.

There’s nothing quite like the buzz of a retiree phonebank to get you jazzed for an election.

If you’re interested in reaching out to our retirees, contact Ron at

Data Entry  

The work of our canvassers and phone bankers means nothing if we don’t process the info. in a timely fashion. We can always use a hand with data entry and scanning.

Email Darrell at if you can help with data.

Packet Prep/ Local Union Mail

Believe it or not, walk packets and phone lists don’t appear by accident. Helping sort and prepare those materials is a great way to contribute just a few hours each week to the program.

Also, helping us stuff local union mailings is another really great way to lend a hand to our labor-to-labor program.

Email Doris at and she’ll connect you with the zone coordinator in your area.


On Saturdays, we can always use drivers. The more drivers we have, the more doors our walk teams can hit.

Or maybe you cook a mean chili or dessert that would fill up hungry volunteers? If so, our offices (and volunteers) would love to have you contribute in that way.

Email Julie or and they’ll be in touch about these wonderful ways to help on Saturdays.

Letters to the Editor/ Social Media Rapid Response

Good writers are terrific at responding quickly to daily election articles and online pieces.

If you’re interested in contributing your writing or social media skills, please email Julie at


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