No NLRB, No Voice

Agencies that protect workers, consumers and the general public are under fierce attack.

By refusing to act on nominations to the NLRB, EPA, CFPB, a Republican minority hopes to cripple the basic functioning of our government.

A battle is brewing to see whether Senate Democrats will stand up to these tactics.

Without an NLRB, there is no agency in place to enforce the rights of workers on the job. Big corporations are the only ones that benefit from this gridlock.

Urge Senator Warner and Senator Kaine to stand up to this corporate power grab by calling their offices:

Senator Warner: 202-224-2023
Senator Kaine: 202-224-4024

Introduce yourself to the the staffer who answers the phone and say that you’re calling to ask the Senator “to support the confirmation of President Barack Obama’s five nominees to the National Labor Relations Board. American workers need and deserve a functioning NLRB to protect their rights on the job.”


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