Best thing we found

Doris Crouse-Mays: I came across a copy of this political platform from 1956. Click to check out whose platform it was.

My, how times have changed…

Ray Davenport:The plot thickens. My question is, ‘does this qualify as a second job?’

Dolores Gerber: After seeing the news about the horrible Asiana airplane crash, I was so scared there would be a high death toll, as the hours passed and only (still sad) 2 deaths were reported, I was astonished.  The news reported how the crew members had worked quickly to help the passengers out of the burning plane. My friends who are flight attendants have talked about the long hours they spend practicing disaster routines.  Flight Attendants are trained professionals and know what they are doing!  As a CWA member, I applaud all flight attendants, especially the heroic Asiana flight attendants for doing their job.

Julie Hunter:
This op-ed struck a chord with me. It’s written by a Teamster in Provo, Utah. He dives into the core of what the labor movement is about: honoring the dignity of labor.


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