Post-its, Flipcharts and Trainings, oh my

As an icebreaker, people shared their reasons for “why this election matters.”


Last week, we wrapped up our first round of Labor 2013 trainings. On our way back from NOVA, we looked up how many attended the trainings in 2012. Given that last year was a presidential race, we were honestly surprised (and pumped) to find out that 26 new local union activists attended this year’s training.


Charles Skelly (IBEW 666) was one of the 26 new participants, “Looking at this training thru the eyes of a new organizer, I was struck by how much of the infrastructure we build is the same for GOTV, organizing committees, community service, and simply being involved in local union business.” Adding, “An appeal to values can help motivate people get involved in all of these activities.”


The focus of this year’s training was activist recruitment, workplace mobilization and laying out the strategy for targeting races.  It involved a combo of group activities, role plays, and, yes, lots of flipcharts.

“Everyone got the opportunity to participate and be involved” said Larry Cuffee (IAM 97). Reflecting on these interactions with different local leaders, Chuck Simpson (CWA Local 2204,) noted, “The candid and direct input from everyone really made you think about how to tailor your approach to people with different types of personalities and backgrounds.”

Linda Lawrence (OPEIU Local 2) said, “I know why elections are important to labor, but hearing other people communicate it concisely, without lecturing, was something I could use.  I also like knowing the strategy behind certain targeted races – the “Why” instead of just the “What” we are doing.”

At the heart of our movement is mobilizing our members and organizing more and more working people to build power.

“The training taught me different approaches to use when talking to our members about what the stakes are for Virginias working families….and it reminded me why we are in the Labor movement.”   -Shelly Harton, UFCW 400

We’d like to recognize the leaders and activists from the 40 local unions who joined us. It speaks to the engagement of our local unions and how high the stakes are this election cycle that we had the participation we did:

AFGE 1739, AFGE 1992, AFGE 2145, AFGE 3380, AFGE 3615, AFT 2401, AFT 4260, AFT 4261, APWU 199, APWU 482, BCTGM 203T, CWA 2201, CWA 2204, CWA 2205, CWA 2222, CWA-NABET, CWA/TNG 32035, CWA/TNG 32100, IUE-CWA 82162, IAM 10, IAM 97, IBEW 26, IBEW 50, IBEW 80, IBEW 666, IBT 598, IUOE 147, IRONWORKERS 5, IRONWORKERS 79, IUPAT DC51, OPEIU 2, OPEIU 334, SEIU 512, SMWIA 100, UAW 2069, UBC 1402, UFCW 400, USW 495, USW 831, USW 1023, USW 8888


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