Best thing we found

Doris Crouse-Mays: Question  -Who can we trust to be good stewards of our state?

Ray Davenport:Did the McDonnells display a sense of entitlements on the taxpayers’ dime?

Julie Hunter: Probably the best website on wealth inequality. Clear and interactive. Explains how inequality is real, personal, expensive, created AND fixable.

Isaac Gobern: Here’s a report from last week’s Moral Monday protest in Raleigh. Our union brothers and sisters in North Carolina joined community allies highlighting the slew of extreme legislation passed at their state house.

By year’s end, more than 70,000 unemployed workers could lose their lifeline. The legislature raised taxes on working families (eliminated EITC) while cutting taxes for the 23 richest families (repealed estate tax). They’ve attacked the rights of working people and voters. I beg you to not give extreme politicians free reign here. Your friends and family don’t need the bumps and bruises. This summer and fall we all must be fighters to ensure Virginia is a place where working people are respected and valued. 

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