Best Thing We Found


Doris: The building collapse in Bangladesh has been on my mind lately.  When you think back on labor history, we should remember that right here in the United States children worked in garment factories.  The companies either didn’t have or obey safety regulations. It was a matter of getting those garments out as fast as you can.  The labor movement made great improvements, but in search of bigger profits, factories closed and went to other countries – one of those being Bangladesh. I am amazed that despite everything we went through here and even in other countries, we’ve learned nothing. It’s like companies know what they should do but choose not to: Joe Glazer (Babies in the Mill).

Ray:  Do you want the best thing or the most interesting thing? Julie: Either. Ray: Well, I think the most interesting thing is that the AG’s office (the top cop in Virginia) was forced to walk back claims that his office made saying the Freedom of Information Act didn’t apply to them. That was flabbergasting.

Julie: I got to spend a day with CWA activists in Richmond for a training. One of the topics we discussed was wealth inequality. I kept thinking how the occupy movement was able to really change the debate by bringing that issue front and center and how we shouldn’t let our attention to be drawn away from the crisis of wealth inequality. This video is a great reminder of why: Wealth on a plane. Just bananas.

Isaac:  This article shows the cannibalistic mindset of those who have direct impact on our ability to not only provide, but merely survive.  The time is now to arm ourselves with the education, information and motivation to mobilize our friends and neighbors at work and at home. As activists, we have a responsibility to better understand the strategies & evil forces working against our communities. Then organize to WIN! The Labor Movement is a social movement…. not economic advantage. ALEC’s Plan to Kill Union Jobs Everywhere Even Outside U.S.


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