Presenting…the worst phone script in the history of campaigns

Every election is different. Some years you can feel the voter fatigue and others, like 2012, voters were keyed up and you got to have lively conversations about big issues.

As our leaders debate the best solutions to avoid the “fiscal cliff” let’s make sure they keep in mind this 2012 election lesson:

Virginians expect to have their Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security benefits protected and for the richest to pay their fair share.

From the end of August through the end of October we spent a lot of time canvassing our members who live in “swing precincts” and phonebanking retirees. Not one union member or retiree said, “I’m voting for so-and-so because they are going to compromise away Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid.” Not one..

In fact, Paul Ryan’s budget and its attack on the social safety net was a lightning rod with undecided voters. We brought that up, highlighted our endorsed candidates’ opposition to the plan and “bingo” we had an engaged and committed union voter.

So it can be jarring to hear pundits and electeds talk about the need to cut programs like Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security. If they had listened to voters, they would know most have zero appetite for such cuts.


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