Local Union Mail


A few weeks ago, many of our walkers started hearing over and over from members at the door that they had gotten mail from their local and they were behind our endorsed candidates. When members know who their union endorsed and why, they trust it because the information comes from leaders they know and were elected to represent them.

Frank Hartsoe (IBB Local 45) notes the importance of listening to his members’ concerns and focusing on those issues, “Once we identify what’s important and talk about the facts, they do pay attention to the things we send them. We try to hit on the hot points with our members and they trust that President Obama is going to be good for the long run.”

Recently, APWU joined many other unions in sending a massive mailing to their membership. Michele Wright, President of Local 262 in Norfolk, explains that, “we’re doing this to make sure our postal employees know just what’s at stake in this election and let them know that we’ve endorsed Barack Obama and Tim Kaine.” Michelle adds, “President Obama will fight for the middle class. He needs more people who are committed to getting the country back on its feet.”

Michelle had a small army who helped with her mailing to over 4,200 APWU members statewide. One of her fellow volunteers was Joan Hogan (BAC Local 1) who said the election was important to her because, “the other party doesn’t give people enough of an opportunity… and our endorsed candidates do look out for us.”

We’d like to thank the hundreds of local unions across the Commonwealth who took the time to send a piece of mail to their local membership. It makes a world of difference.


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