Walking in Annandale


We have only two Saturdays left. If you’ve come out to one of our walks, thank you and please bring someone with you this week. If you haven’t been able to join us, now is the time.

Senate Candidate Tim Kaine kicked off a large and lively group of volunteers in Annandale on Saturday. With the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers’ beautiful RV as a backdrop, National AFGE President J. David Cox, Alliance for Retired American President Barbara Easterling, Virginia AFL-CIO President Doris Crouse-Mays and hundreds of union volunteers rallied before knocking on thousands of union household doors.

Doris kicked things off by explaining the stark choice that we have in our Senate race on issue after issue including investments in infrastructure, education, and preserving Social Security. Doris concluded, “I have known Tim for over twelve years. He is a conscientious person who believes and thinks about every single issue and he will always have the face of working families in mind when he makes decisions.”

Tim Kaine highlighted the importance of fighting special interest money and toxic ads by knocking on doors and using grassroots politics to get out the vote. He also spoke about his father’s union-organized Ironworker shop:

“My dad’s philosophy  was that the professionalism, skill, and productivity of the union ironworkers helped put my brothers and me through college and that my dad’s business acumen helped put his workers’ kids through college. Itt was a partnership.”

National AFGE President J. David Cox gave a rousing speech that further emphasized the stakes of this election:

“This is a defining moment in our country. This election will decide whether we have Social Security in this country. It will decide whether we have Medicare in this country, whether we have student loans and Pell Grants in this country and whether the middle class has a chance to continue to grow and to have the American dream. Most of all, this is the defining moment on whether we will have collective bargaining in this country.”


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