OPEIU Local 2

Video: http://youtu.be/zEiJLFNP5Ok

“We came out today to get the message out to our members that their union is supporting President Obama and Tim Kaine for Senate.” – Shaun Francis

OPEIU Local 2 has been busy leafleting worksites across Northern Virginia. Last week, Wilma Portis-Zimmerman, Susan French and Shaun Francis handed out leaflets outside the Kaiser Permanente building in Springfield in support of Senate candidate Tim Kaine and President Obama. Catching people as they left work, they answered questions about the election, shared their union’s endorsement and recruited supporters to join them at Saturday’s canvass.

In addition to the positive response they got from OPEIU members, passer bys also honked horns and waved in support. As Wilma explains, “Bus drivers, grounds keepers, delivery men…it was nice to see that working people, like me, understood what we were trying to do and the importance of going out to vote.”

When asked about what motivates her, Susan French says, “I think there is a very clear choice for labor and for the middle class in this election. We know that having personal one-on-one contact whether at the job site or canvassing is what is going determine the result.”

Asked the same question, Wilma notes, “Well, after the election, I can tell people that I had maybe half an inch of responsibility for getting good people into office. That, to me, is truly amazing.” Wilma has a 21 year old son who is “psyched” about voting for the first time this year and it’s clear her son’s excitement pushes her as well.

As release staff, Shaun has been working with OPEIU locals in Virginia for the last several weeks, “We’re putting in a lot of hard work and a lot of long hours and we just need to keep going through Election Day. “


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