CWA Local 2201


Outside a Verizon work location in Richmond, the leadership of CWA Local 2201 greeted their fellow co-workers reminding them to vote, passing out informational leaflets and discussing the stakes of the election.

“We can’t go back to what we had before- that’s what created this.”
– Robbie Johnson, Secretary- Treasurer, CWA Local 2201

CWA members and leaders understand the clear choice offered between President Obama and the policy proposals from Governor Romney. The vision laid out by the President will continue the progress in leveling the playing field for working people while the Romney-Ryan plan will surely take us backwards on workers’ rights, retirement security, access to quality healthcare and other pillars that have built the middle class.

Chris Brown, CWA Local 2201 Executive Vice President, says that for him, “Barack Obama is the choice for us. He’s the one who is going to look after the middle class.”

President Richard Hatch explained the importance by noting, “This election is about our future. It’s about how we define our future and what we’re willing to fight for. Will we have the ability to take care of our children? Will we have the ability to have a career? Or will we accept minimum wage jobs with minimal benefits even though our corporations are profitable? All we want to do is share in that success.”

In addition to voting and bringing your family to the polls, the volunteers encouraged members to participate in labor-to-labor precinct walks and phone banks to get the word out to even more local union members. Special Thompson echoed this notion and emphasized that, “it really is important to have your voice heard.”


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