Along for a Walk in Sandston, VA

On Saturday, Carolyn (USW 467), Jason (SMWIA 100) and Thomas (APWU 199) took to Sandston, VA to get out the union vote for our endorsed candidates. It was an absolutely gorgeous day outside and to top it off, we had a terrific response from the members we spoke with.

Larry was getting ready to mow his yard when we walked to his house. He rode his John Deere lawnmower down the hill to meet us. It was the first time any of us had talked to a member while they were on a lawnmower and Larry was kind enough to let us take a picture with him holding our leaflets. Then he shared that he was planning to support Tim Kaine and Barack Obama.

A highlight of the day was chatting with an undecided retired member. She explained that she was busy taking care of her diabetic husband and didn’t have an opportunity to watch any of the debates. We talked about the importance of protecting benefits for future generations of workers and she did say she was concerned about Romney and Ryan’s plan to turn Medicare into a voucher program. She thanked us for stopping by and told us she would watch the rest of the debates before deciding on whom to support.

One of the last union members on our list was Jenna- an AFGE member. She happened to be hosting one of the many neighborhood yard sales we passed.  During our drive, Jason mentioned that he wasn’t sure what he would be for Halloween and we were all tickled that he found a perfect costume at Jenna’s yard sale.


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