Debate Watch Party

“Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are beating around the bush about what they’d do if elected. I was hoping we would get details last night, but we didn’t get that.”
– Craig Smith, NATCA and Zone 3 Coordinator

Last night CWA Local 2201 hosted a debate watch party with volunteers working the Labor 2012 program in Richmond. It was an opportunity to celebrate the work that’s been accomplished so far, enjoy the fellowship of other union members, and recharge the batteries for the next 33 days.

A lot of the attendees were surprised by Mitt Romney’s debate performance. Of course, no one was shocked that he supports repealing Wall Street Reform and the Affordable Care Act- two bills that protect regular people from the recklessness on Wall Street and insurance company abuses. Yet, the brazenness with which he advocated turning Medicare into a voucher system and essentially privatizing the program stunned us, especially our retirees who know first-hand how vital Medicare is to seniors.

Finally, a lot of the activists were disappointed by the lack of discussion on Romney’s 47% comments. Beforehand that topic was on people’s minds and many wanted to hear Romney explain how he plans to govern the entire nation when he holds such a dismissive view of almost half of its citizens.  

“I was shocked [when I first heard him talking about the 47%]. He clearly doesn’t know what people go through. I’m a single mom. I just don’t agree with his view at all. Americans want more than anything to have a good job and be able to take care of their families.”
-Suzanne Powroznick, OPEIU Local 334

Check out this video with 3 quick takeaways to consider:


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