Worksite Leafleting and Local Union Mail

“Leafleting creates a buzz in the plant. You can hear people come back and talk about the flyers.”
–    Dale Bare, USW Local 1023

“99% of the time we get a great reaction from our members after we send out a letter.”
–    Mike Briley, UA Local 540

Two of the most important pillars of our program are worksite leafleting and local union mail. We know many of our members wait to hear from their local union about candidates and their stances on working family issues.

As Dale notes, “you have people in the break room who haven’t made up their minds about who they’re voting for and when they get a leaflet, they know this is what the union has to say and that’s important to them. It doesn’t necessarily mean they’re going to vote for our endorsed candidates but they know where USW stands and why.”

“In fact, we just did job site visits and passed out leaflets, UA for Obama bumper stickers, hardhat stickers, and DVDs with videos of the two candidates talking about building trades issues and it went really well,” says Mike, “I just let our members know they are voting for their job.”


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