Tim Kaine

Tim Kaine is someone many of us have known for a long time- going back to his time on the Richmond City Council. I first got to know him during a living wage campaign in Richmond and since then, have grown to respect him for his inclusiveness, sincerity and genuine concern for issues that matter to working people.

As Governor, he fought for infrastructure, worker training and educational investments and believes in protecting Medicare and Social Security. We voted unanimously to endorse Governor Kaine in January.

Shortly before the endorsement, the article “Allen Declares War on Unions” ran in the Alexandria Connection and featured the line, “in a meeting with Connection Newspapers reporters and editors, Allen proposed a series of specific measures to undercut the power of unions.”

As a Senator, George Allen earned a 13% voting record on working family issues. It’s hard to trust someone when they vote against working people so often. It’s even more difficult when they pledge to continue the streak.

We couldn’t have a starker choice in this race.

Tim Kaine faces an avalanche of outside corporate money from the likes of the Koch Brothers and Karl Rove. Yet, we know our members pay more attention to their union’s endorsement than 30 second “scary-voice” TV ads. That’s why communicating with them right now is crucial.

“If we win this election, we will send a clear message that we don’t care how many zeros you can put on the end of your check. It’s still going to be regular grassroots people knocking on doors, talking to their neighbors, and making phone calls that will determine the future and what we do as a nation.”


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