Worse than sausage making

More Photos and Video: Mike Mohler Del. McClellan Rob Jones Michael Cassidy

Recently, we held a press conference along with coalition partners fighting to protect the VRS.

Together, we emphasized that the conference report punishes workers by slashing their benefits while doing little to address the unfunded liabilities in the system. We also shed light on how the passage of this bill was much worse than the typical sausage making we see at the GA.

Delegate Jennifer McClellan- “Worse than sausage making…”

Mike Mohler (VPFF)- “You’re entitled to your opinion, not your own facts”

Robley Jones (VEA)- on the JLARC report

Michael Cassidy (The Commonwealth Institute)- Q&A

We need to keep the pressure on.

Hundreds of you stepped up and contacted the Governor to urge him to veto the conference report. Now that numerous newspapers have stories on the issue, this is a perfect opportunity to amplify the message with letters to the editor.

Here are clips that ran and email addresses to send a quick letter to the editor. Thanks for taking 10 minutes to keep up the heat by making your voice heard in your local paper.

Richmond Times-Dispatch : “Teachers, firefighters oppose VRS pension reforms”: Submit letters to: letters@timesdispatch.com

Virginian Pilot : “Backlash grows against overhaul of state retirement”: Submit letters to: letters@pilotonline.com

Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star : “Workers object to pension changes”: Submit letters to: letters@freelancestar.com

Roanoke Times : “Groups resist state retirement system changes” Submit letters to: letters@roanoke.com

Washington Post : “Delegate urges McDonnell to veto ’11th hour’ pension bill” Submit letters to: letters@washpost.com

Washington Times : “Critics say Virginia’s pension reform rushed through”  Submit letters


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