It’s here: the official midway point of the 2012 General Assembly session.

Here is a quick update on the session up to this point and what we can expect in the final 25 days.

First things first, the bills we need to focus on:

Protect Retirement Security for Fire Fighters, Teachers, Correctional Officers
The Virginia Retirement System offers our teachers, fire fighters, and correctional officers a fair and affordable pension that allows the Commonwealth to recruit and retain the best and brightest to public service.

Maintain workers’ compensation benefits for shipyard, dock workers, and construction workers
Those who work on the docks and shipyards in Hampton Roads do extremely dangerous and important work that promotes our economy and national security. They deserve access to the same workers’ compensation benefits as other Virginia workers. 

Protect Job Security for Teachers
Attracting and retaining skilled teachers has an enormous impact on students and the quality of their education. Essential to recruiting and keeping good teachers is offering them fair pay and a secure job. This means protecting educators from arbitrary dismissals fueled by nepotism, cronyism, or personal conflicts.

Bills that passed both Chambers:

HB33/SB242- Open Contracting Act
Attacks fair wages, quality training, and safety standards in public construction contracts. Prohibits the use of project labor agreements which are a valuable tool that creates accountability on megaprojects where millions of taxpayer dollars are at stake.

HB9/SB1- Voter ID Bill
Makes the fundamental right of voting more difficult and effectively disenfranchises over 600,000 Virginians who do not have proper identification required by the new law. 

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