Virginia AFL-CIO Endorses Tim Kaine for U.S. Senate

On Sunday, the Virginia AFL-CIO COPE voted to unanimously endorse Tim Kaine for United States Senator.

“Particularly during a time of economic distress, working men and women need a Senator who understands the very real challenges they face in their daily lives,” Virginia AFL-CIO President Doris Crouse-Mays. “On issues that matter: creating jobs, making quality health care affordable and accessible, and investing in infrastructure and public education, Tim Kaine is committed to strengthening our economy so it works for working families.”

Tim Kaine respects the freedom to form unions and bargain for middle-class living standards and understands the struggles of working people. He believes in finding common ground to solve our nation’s problems and is a fine candidate for the United States Senate.

He will likely face former Governor and ex-Senator George Allen in one of the most important Senate races of 2012.

Curious where George Allen stands on our issues? Please take a moment to read this Alexandria Connection article, “Allen Declares War on Unions.”


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