Founding Convention for Virginia Alliance for Retired Americans

We are thrilled that this Tuesday, 43 delegates and 8 guests convened to found the Virginia Alliance for Retired Americans. Many of our most dedicated and passionate activists are retired union members who, through the Virginia Alliance, will continue to engage in battles to protect and preserve what they’ve fought for their entire career- health and economic security of working people in Virginia.

Melvin Carter (UAW Local 2123 retiree) was elected to serve as the first president of the Virginia Alliance for Retired Americans stating, “We are extremely excited to get to work on issues important to seniors and working families in Virginia.” Melvin was elected along with officers Roger Wood (CWA Local 2201 retiree) who will serve as Secretary and Treasurer Ron Thompson (IUOE Local 147 retiree).

Barbara Easterling, National President of the Alliance for Retired Americans, is a great friend of the Virginia labor movement. A Virginia resident herself, Barbara joins us at everything from our August Political Conventions to our Saturday labor walks

The Virginia Alliance joins the four million member national organization working to mobilize retirees, senior and community activists into a nationwide grassroots movement to advocate a progressive political and social agenda – one that respects work and strengthens families.


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