Just say NO to Offshoring Jobs

With our economy still battered from the recession, millions of Americans continue to struggle to find work.

Our leaders in Congress have been working hard to find ways to help, but the proposed trade deals with Colombia, Korea and Panama could undermine their work. These trade deals hurt our working families by outsourcing jobs and can perpetuate attacks on workers’ rights in both signing-countries.

Tell Congress: Stop offshoring jobs. Vote “NO” on all three unfair trade agreements

Free trade with Korea, for example, would be the largest deal of its kind since NAFTA. The consequences of this deal includes 159,000 lost jobs, hitting manufacturing the hardest. Because of the good wages and benefits that traditionally accompany manufacturing, this is a particularly dangerous prospect for Congress to consider as our economy struggles to create sustainable, family-wage jobs. This deal also includes huge loopholes that could lead to illegally labeled goods from China and possibly even North Korean sweatshops.

The trade deals will reward Colombia, despite their atrocious record on human rights. On average, a trade unionist is murdered in Columbia nearly every week and it is very rare for the murderers to face punishment. It’s unlikely Congress and the White House would be pushing for a deal in a country where CEOs were murdered on a weekly basis.

The deal with Panama has many of the same problems as the other deals and would allow foreign investors to bypass our country’s labor, health and workplace safety laws. Panama is also one of the most popular tax-havens for international corporations and a trade deal will only make it easier for big corporations to avoid their tax obligations, while we foot the bill.

Past trade deals like NAFTA have left working people in the dust and these proposed deals are not an improvement. Stand up for American workers and tell Congress to stop these trade deals and find a better solution to resolve our economic crisis:

Click here to send our Congressional delegation a message.


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