NOVA Labor Dinner

Vodpod videos no longer available.

NOVA Labor held its annual dinner to recognize and thank volunteers who helped with community projects and the fall elections. Over 300 labor leaders, activists, and elected officials attended the dinner at the union-contracted Sheraton Hotel in Tysons Corner.

The dinner’s keynote speaker Ironworkers General President Walt Wise explained that efforts to weaken the voice of working people are being orchestrated by powerful politicians and their corporate donors and noted, “Wisconsin is not an aberration.”

The evenings’ speakers acknowledged the attacks workers are facing in Virginia and around the country, but also the extraordinary demonstrations of solidarity from the entire labor movement and our allies. The blatant attacks on working people including the dismantling of services that working families rely on are not going unnoticed.

Virginia AFL-CIO President Doris Crouse-Mays noted the difference between the rhetoric of the 2010 elections and the agenda now being pursued in state houses and the capitol: “Could you imagine if instead of empty slogans, some of these Republicans were honest with voters about what they were going to do if elected?”

The night’s MC NOVA Labor President Dan Duncan emphasized the importance of holding elected officials accountable,

“We will stand with our friends like we always do. We know which politicians only seek our support between Labor Day and Election Day and then ignore the needs of working people the rest of the time. We  will stand with our true friends and give our blood, sweat and tears to worker-friendly candidates.”


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