Update from Wisconsin

Governor Walker has been saying all along that his reason for taking away collective bargaining rights from public employees was all about
fiscal discipline. He even had our Governor saying so.

Well, looks like he’s been lying this entire time.

In a matter of moments, the GOP State Senators in Wisconsin voted to strip collective bargaining rights from hundreds of thousands of workers in Wisconsin. They shredded 50 years of those rights, labor peace,
bipartisanship, and the democratic process in a rigged vote taken at the dark
of night.

They made something crystal clear:

The provisions stripping the rights of workers had NOTHING to do with the budget. They just wanted to take away those rights, plain and simple.

What’s next?

Not only did their actions trample on the letter and spirit of the democratic process but in fact they were possibly illegal as well. It appears that the votes taken Wednesday night violated Wisconsin’s open meeting law. In short, legal challenges are likely.

Second, our brothers and sisters in Wisconsin along with the Wisconsin Democratic Party have already begun recall efforts on the 8 eligible Senate Republicans. Already off to a successful start, these efforts will

Wednesday night’s events demonstrated just how far Governor
Walker and his GOP Senate buddies will go to ram through an agenda that attacks Wisconsin’s working families.

If they thought our movement was energized before, this
was a whole new shot of adrenaline into the vein.


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