Sorry Governor, Virginia Stands with Wisconsin Workers!

Instead of focusing on jobs or transportation, our Governor spent his time recently praising Governor Walker for his attacks on Wisconsin workers. Governor McDonnell tweeted his support to Governor Walker before applauding his good friend’s “courage” and “leadership” in this YouTube video .

Going after your political opponents is not courageous. Busting unions is not brave. And robbing hard working state employees of their rights is not leadership.

Let Governor McDonnell know you’re standing in solidarity with Wisconsin’s workers as they fight to protect their collective bargaining rights by signing our petition.

Eldridge, Hampton: “I’m a dues paying Union Worker here in Virginia and I believe in solidarity and will fight to the end.”

Virginia, Alexandria: “Hang in there- we support you!”

“UAW Local 2999, Strasburg is supporting Wisconsin workers!”

Dennis, East Stone Gap: “I support my
sisters and brothers in the unions in Wisconsin for their peaceful protest to
what the governor is trying to do. Only when you have a union do the people
have any opportunity to have input into their hours of work, wages and working conditions. This has always been the basis of unions.”

Stephanie, Arlington: “As a Wisconsin
native from a union family, I’m sorry I can’t be there with you, but know that you have thousands of Virginians supporting you.”

James, Norfolk: “Please stand strong.
We all will share this attack at some time in the future. The middle class
depends on you.”

Dominic: “I stand with my brothers & sisters around the country
who are trying to protect our rights.”

We’re sharing all of the messages with the Wisconsin AFL-CIO. To leave your own, sign the petition.


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