Solidarity Saturday- Williamsburg

This  Saturday, over 500 of Virginia’s workers, students, and community  allies rallied in support of all public workers, including our sisters  and brothers in Wisconsin. Thank you so much to those who were able to  attend the rallies in Williamsburg and Richmond.

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Active  and retired union members from across Virginia were joined by area  families, William &Mary students and professors, former  Congressional candidate Krystal Ball, allied organizations, religious  leaders and local community activists.

Lynn  Washington, Episcopalian minister and Executive Director of Richmond’s  Peter Paul Development Center opened things up with a touching  invocation, “Had it not been for the UAW, I could not stand before you  today and say I lived the life I did provided by the hard work of my  mother… I am a living witness to the union. Let us pray…”

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The  event’s MC and President of Teamsters Local 95 Mike Brooks set the tone  of unity, “We’re up against a behemoth but the strength we have is  numbers and our voices can be heard if we stick together.”

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Don  Dinse added, “I ask every hotel worker, restaurant worker, retail  worker, fire fighter, shipyard worker, teacher, trade worker, and law  enforcement officer to ban together to form the front line defense  against the lies and attacks directed at the people who are the fabric  of our communities.”

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Maggie  Russolello a student from William & Mary’s Living Wage Campaign,  invited everyone to attend their community forum on Wednesday nightto learn more about their ongoing fight to make sure workers at  William and Mary aren’t forced to work 2-3 jobs or late into their lives  to support their families.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Doris  Crouse-Mays, President Virginia AFL-CIO, concluded the event with this  timely reminder, “In closing, remember this: Elections Matter. This  November, we must elect people who stand up for workers and for the middle class.”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Check out all of the videos from our terrific speakers:

Krystal Ball -former Congressional candidate

Art Lipscomb- Legislative Director, Virginia Professional Fire Fighters

Jonathan Arries- former Madison, WI school teacher and current William and Mary Professor


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