Solidarity Saturday- Richmond

This  Saturday, over 500 of Virginia’s workers, students, and community  allies rallied in support of all public workers, including our sisters  and brothers in Wisconsin. Thank you so much to those who were able to  attend the rallies in Williamsburg and Richmond.

MoveOn  led a coalition of organizations that sent out a call last Wednesday to  hold a rally at every state capitol at noon on Saturday. Joe Cook from  Virginia Beach quickly answered the call and organized a great event in a  matter of days.

Check out video from videographer David Martin who filmed the event.

Part 1

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Part 2

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Here are excerpts from news outlets that covered the  event:

From Washington Post, Virginia Politics Blog:

The  rally, organized locally by Joe Cook on behalf of and other  groups, was one of 65 held around the country Saturday. Some  demonstrators carried signs saying, “Wisconsin Workers — We Support  You,” “Collective Bargaining is Our Right” and “They Will Call It A  Class War When We Fight Back.”

From Virginia Statehouse News:

“You  can’t erode the middle class,” said Melissa Dopp, 47, a video producer  from Ashland. “It affects all of us. It affects the economy.”

Others  who attended Saturday’s rally appeared to believe that Republicans who  were swept into office in November are using the current budget crisis  facing most states — as the weak economy has caused revenues to plunge —  to bust unions.

From Richmond Times Dispatch:

“I  say we can not, should not, and will not balance the budget on the  backs of the middle class,” said Richard Hatch, with the Communications  Workers of America, Virginia council. “Pensions are deferred  compensation,” he said. “They are not taxpayer handouts.”


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