Donut Hole Press Conference, Richmond, VA

Brandyn Keating, OFA, Virginia State Director

We’re very excited today that this month seniors who have Medicare Part D will begin getting $250 checks to help with prescription drugs. Many seniors have been suffering because they’ve been in the doughnut hole and unable to afford medications.

Tom Francis, OFA Neighborhood Leader, Team Chesterfield

I am a senior citizen who happens to be in the doughnut hole. I am extremely excited about what’s taking place as far as affordable health care is concerned. The extra $250 that will be coming my way shortly will be greatly appreciated.

Joyce Smith, AFGE Local 2145, Retired Member/Rock star Activist

When I retired, it was about having peace of mind. Part of being a union member is the belief that if I worked hard I’d be able to retire with dignity and stable, reliable health care. But for working Americans across Virginia and the country, that’s becoming more and more rare these days.

Even though I don’t fall in the doughnut hole, I have friends and family who do and I’ve seen the stress and pain that goes along with worrying about how to pay for medications every week.

The work AFGE and the labor movement did helped pass a health care bill that comes with actual benefits for middle class people, especially seniors.

Richard Hatch, CWA 2201, Executive Vice President

I came today because we are quickly having more retirees than active members in our local. We’re constantly fighting to maintain their health care. It’s health care that was promised to them by corporations where they were employed for sometimes 30 years and now they’re the first target that corporations look at to save money. It’s our first priority to take care of the people who paved the way for us to have good benefits and good wages.

Dave Mills, Executive Director, DPVA

For the last year, health care has been the dominant political issue in America, and we got it done. It’s about real benefits for real people and these $250 checks are just the beginning.

There’s a senior to senior phone bank going on where seniors have volunteered their time to share this very basic information about the benefits of the program with other seniors all over Virginia. The more people understand the direct benefits of what Congress has done, the better off not only the President will be or our politics but in general because they’ll understand that government is doing something positive for them.

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