CWA Local 2204 Holds Rally to Protect Jobs

Vodpod videos no longer available.
In response to an announcement from Verizon that the company plans to surplus over 2000 jobs in the Virginia, Maryland and DC area, Local 2204 hosted an informational picket in Roanoke.

Chuck Simpson, Roanoke Area Vice President of Local 2204, explains:

“They say it’s a budget downturn but they still pay their executives big money and they made a $3.6 billion profit last year. I don’t know where this down turn is unless it’s about them not making quite as much as they made the year before.”

Chris Criscione adds, “Our position is simple: the company should not be laying off vital workers at a time when it is continuing to make a profit and the top executives are making millions of dollars a year.”

Toni, one of many retirees, was there “to help the current workers who are fighting for their jobs and our benefits that are threatened to be taken away every year.”  Marcus, an active employee, noted, “I’m here to represent for the union and for my co-workers who have been fired and let go.”

As many current and former employees point out, layoffs inevitably impact the quality of service provided to customers and in a competitive market, reliable service is crucial for a successful company.

Chris sums up: “It’s simply another example of the company being more concerned with Wall Street then it is about Main Street and about the customers who have made this company what it is and the workers who have made this company a profitable one.”

In a terrific show of solidarity, CWA 2204 members were joined by activists from several area locals including AFGE 1739, IUE-CWA 82162, SMWIA 100, and USW 1023.

Beverly Bratton (AFGE 1739) explained, “I know I’m out here because it’s y’all today [fighting for your jobs], it’ll be us tomorrow. That’s how it works.” Robert Morris added,
“We enjoy the solidarity and the enthusiasm and the energy that flows around union people.”
Check out photos from the rally:
Vodpod videos no longer available.

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